About Us

Barcotti, which greeted the fashion world in 1983 from a store in İstanbul, today continues purveying stylish and creative designs across 6 continents and in 47 different countries. Fashion in the men’s clothing world with its expert designers and quality fabrics diverse designs remains a must for those keen to add style to every aspect of their lives. Turkish men’s fashion giant Barcotti, introducing millions of fashion lovers in the four corners of the world to its unique lines, in pursuit of perfect creations, still maintains the unique workmanship and elegant quality of its peerless collections, as it has since its very first day.

Vision, To establish an internationally recognized, indispensable and permanent manufacturing brand known for top quality products, service, confidence and customer-satisfaction 

Mission, To offer top quality products and service with outstanding quality of garments, equal emphasis on hand craftmenship and technology, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

• Quality,
• Problem solving,
• Business ethics,
• Reliability, 
• Education and Continuous Training, 
• Flexibility, 
• Respect,
• Customer-Orientiation,
• Responsibility,
• Everlasting Improvement,
• Creativity,
• Innovation,
• Commitment to Rules

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